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Be quicker, smarter and more aware than competitors

If you’re not using data to improve your organisation, or to make money, you’re wasting it.

Be more efficient in everything you do

For data, we have the experience required across all technologies to deliver more than just some dashboards that connect to multiple sources. We can advise on how to restructure your infrastructure for faster reporting, build an application which brings data to life, or embed insights directly into an application solution. We have architects and cloud consultants on hand to advise on your data integrity, complimented by deeply technical data scientists to provide expertise on services such as Azure Stream Analytics, or integration with applications using R language as a basis. Only risual can offer this combination of high level business strategy and the technical expertise to deliver the solution in house.

Real Time Reporting

We can work with your business to help provide a single, 360-degree view for business users with their most important metrics in one place, updated in real time, and available on all their devices. Our data consultants will challenge you to ask the right questions of your data, to find critical insights locked away in your existing data.

Reporting in real time, we have experience in using data to drive activity and performance from employees. Utilize machine learning to make recommendations of how to be more productive, or what lead to follow up next. risual can unify your organisation’s data, whether in the cloud or on-premises. Connect SQL Server databases, Analysis Services models, social media data, Dynamics 365 and many other data sources to your same dashboards. We can then offer the training to your users so they can explore the data behind their dashboard using and find answers to themselves, adding long term value to your business.

AI as a Platform

risual can help your organisation accelerate the development and adoption of AI solutions from high-level design services to building, end user training and implementation. Solve common business problems with and automate services with AI. We can model AI algorithms and help you experiment based on your requirements to build an AI assistant, service or application that can transform the way your business interacts with technology.

Optimise and Leverage

Act on all of your data with optimised data virtualisation of your relational sources such as Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Process big data jobs in seconds with Azure Data Lake Analytics. There is no infrastructure to worry about because there are no servers, virtual machines or clusters to wait for, manage or tune.

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