Azure AD Authentication for Azure Storage Now in Public Preview

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Azure AD Authentication for Azure Storage has now been released to the public in a preview!

Microsoft have recently announced the preview for Azure AD Authentication for Azure Blobs and Queues. This is one of the most popular requested things by enterprise customers who want to simplify and gain more control over their data for security and compliance needs. Microsoft have made sure to release this to all of the public regions in Azure.

Azure Storage is a feature that gives users more flexibility to control their data including how/when they can access it. With ADD users are now able to use the Azure ‘role-based access control’ feature to grant permissions to specific users and groups; This can also be applied to applications down to the scope of an individual blob, container or queue. The capabilities of this extend to existing Shared Key’s and SAS Tokens which will continue to be available.

Developers can also leverage Managed Service Identity to give Azure resources such as Virtual Machines and Function Apps an automatically managed identity in Azure AD. Administrators will be able to assign roles and run applications securely, without having any credentials stored in your code.

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