Making the most of Dynamics 365

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Dynamics 365 is not just another CRM solution. With Dynamics 365 users can integrate customised and third-party applications to get the best experience possible. Here are some of the customisable applications available with Dynamics 365:

Exchange Integration
Dynamics 365 integrates with Exchange using one of the two following options;

Server-side synchronization (Server-side sync is centrally managed via the web application. It’s easy to configure with exchange online or with minimal configuration. There are also ongoing maintenance advantages as it provides error reporting directly in the Dynamics 365 application through alerts.)

CRM client for outlook (An alternative synchronization option is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Outlook client. In this option there is nothing to install or configure centrally, you simply install the client locally. Dynamics 365 for Outlook can synchronize emails, contacts, appointment and tasks.)

SharePoint integration with Dynamics 365 supports the storing and management of documents in SharePoint document libraries, allowing them to be “surfaced up” directly in the context of Dynamics 365 records. This allows users to quickly find documents related to an entity without having to search a potentially massive SharePoint repository.

OneDrive for Business
OneDrive for Business can be enabled as an additional document management option within Dynamics 365. With SharePoint when someone uploads a document within Dynamics 356, all users with access into SharePoint can see the document. This is often exactly what you require but what if you want to keep the document private or share with just a few selected people? This is when we’d turn to OneDrive for Business.

From the social pane in Dynamics 365 it is possible to open OneNote notebooks in the context of the currently selected record. You can then create and collaborate on OneNote documents using any of the supported clients. OneNote is an extension to the note taking capabilities in Dynamics 365 rather than a replacement.

Social Engagement
Social Engagement means engaging with customers via multiple social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and many others. In many situations social media has changed or is changing the way people communicate with organizations. Customers are more informed and obtaining that information from varied sources. Purchasing decisions are often influenced by discussions online.

Yammer is an enterprise social networking tool that revolves around the concepts of making posts, receiving messages etc. Posts can be made public to the entire company or groups can be made aware of a post. Also, you can attach documents to posts. Posts can be companywide, or groups can be used to create topic areas that interested people might join.

Power Apps
PowerApps allows you to create simple to use custom applications which can connect to Excel, SharePoint, Dynamics 365 and more. You use a visual designer to create entire apps without the need to write any code. PowerApps can even be built from templates. Once created and published people in your organization can run the app in a web browser or on mobile devices, including iOS, Android and Windows phones / tablets.



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