Reinstall Windows 10 Store app

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We recently had an issue whereby the Windows 10 Store app wouldn’t load properly on a user’s machine.

It is however possible to reinstall the Store app through powershell using the following script found on

#Requires -RunAsAdministrator

$Store=Get-Appxpackage -Allusers |
Where-Object {$_.PackageFullName -match ‘WindowsStore’} |
Sort-Object -Property Version -Descending |
Select-Object -First 1

$StoreManifest = “C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\$PackageName\AppxManifest.xml”

if (Test-Path -Path $StoreManifest) {
Add-AppxPackage -register $StoreManifest -DisableDevelopmentMode


Hope this helps!

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