Rebuild Content Index on Exchange 2010

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You may receive an issue where the Content Index State of a database on Exchange 2010 falls into a failed state. To check which databases are in a failed state you can run the following command in the Exchange Management Shell:

Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus * | where {$_.Contentindexstate -eq “failed”}

This will return a list of all DBs with a failed Content Index


To rebuild the Content Index you can run a script in the Exchange 2010 installation folder. You should browse to the following in the Exchange Management Console: “<ExchangeInstallDrive>\Program Files\Microsoft\ Exchange Server\V14\Scripts” and run the following command “ResetSearchIndex.ps1 -force -all”

Following this you can check the status of the content Index by running “Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -server <Server Name> | fl name, *index*” to confirm that the content index is now crawling.



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