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We understand whilst you’re attending school or even college that you may need to undertake work experience. Work experience is the perfect way for you to spend a week in a real life working environment to understand a company’s processes and get a taste of their atmosphere. You might think that work experience is just administration work, completing tasks such as filling envelopes, stamping and sending them on, or maybe looking at excel sheets all day – at risual, we do it differently.

“Before I started my work experience at risual, I imagined it to be a dull office environment, and I’d be quite isolated to quietly get on with admin tasks for the week.” 

Scott Roberts, work experience at risual Ltd.

We offer a brilliant work experience programme that lets you explore risual Ltd and all the different job roles within the business. Whether you are interested in the technical side of IT and want to get nitty gritty with customer cases and fixing computers or even build your own application from code! Maybe you are interested in creating the next advert alongside the marketing team, or you want to gain an insight into how our finance department operates. risual have got these areas and much more for you to delve into and get a taste of what your future career could be like.

“I chose to do work experience at risual because I was considering my options at school. I was unsure on whether to go to college or 6th form to get my A-Levels. Friends and family had told me to consider an apprenticeship and the benefits they offer – this led me to try out what it would be like working a 9-5 office based job and find out what the benefits are for myself.”

The main reason most people consider work experience is to narrow down their next choices and try out what it might be like in a real life working environment with real customers. Work experience gives you a great insight to what our risual apprenticeships offer and to see if working in risual and working in a busy innovative industry is for you.

“After spending a week at risual and experiencing all the various teams and different job roles I would highly recommend the work experience programme to everyone. Work experience week really helps you in deciding what career path you would want to follow when you have left school or even as your next career step.”

risual is always changing, always busy and always wanting to achieve great things. We strive on positive attitude and ensuring our customers are always satisfied with their experience. We ensure all our employees are happy both individually and as teams to ensure for a productive healthy working environment.

If you are currently in a position where you can’t decide what career route to take, why don’t you get in touch and spend a week with us. We can help you figure out what might be most beneficial to you. You can spend a week with our current apprentices and talk with them to find out how they’re getting on and find out about their career aspirations. You can also spend time with our former apprentices who have now graduated onto being team leaders, consultants and much more.

“The atmosphere at risual is great. Everyone is so friendly and have really supported me throughout my work experience week. It’s been a valuable week for me and I’ve had great insight into all areas of the company. I have now made the decision that when I finish my GCSE’s at High School I want to start my career as an apprentice. I think this is by far the best career route for me to take.”

Below are some very useful and insightful statistics from the Education and skills funding agency regarding apprenticeships.

“Nearly all apprentices feel that they acquire or improve their skills as a direct result of their apprenticeship.”

“89% of apprentices are satisfied with their apprenticeship; 97% of apprentices said their ability to do the job had improved, and 92% of apprentices said their career prospects had improved.”

“Over 90% of apprentices currently go into work or further training.”

“Higher apprentices could earn £150,000 more on average over their lifetime compared to those with level 3 vocational qualifications.”

“36% of higher apprentices report getting a promotion after completing their apprenticeship.”



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Email us at if you are interested in starting a risual apprenticeship.

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