The legal industry is becoming more productive with Office365

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Today the legal sector faces many challenges. Business professionals within this industry need to ensure their data and documents are secure, yet have the ability to be shared effortlessly with colleagues and customers.  For many organisations this can become a difficult task to achieve, as such technology solutions cannot meet these individual needs, or come at an affordable price.

Cloud powered Office365 includes all the applications you already know and love, whether it be office desktop apps, mobile apps, one drive storage or skype. With built in capabilities that allows data to be managed, controlled and archived with no extreme overhead costs. This supported by the highest security standards that defends against spam, phishing attacks and other dangers to the safekeeping of data; a feature that is vital to have within the legal industry as information is delicate and therefore needs to be processed and stored with the upmost security.

Within the legal sector it is expected that whatever the job role, whether it be;  lawyers, attorneys, solicitors or barristers- they are likely to be commuting frequently and will therefore not have access to the same hardware throughout the day. Office365 gives you the ability to access files from multiple different networks, ranging from Pc’s, tablets and mobile devices to create unlimited opportunities to communicate, share documents and connect more effectively with clients and former colleagues.

Office365 allows you to migrate to the cloud at your own pace and on your own terms, by understanding that every single organisation within the legal sector is different, the transformation across to cloud will vary. Having the option to choose from a full cloud- deployed environment, a hybrid environment or even an on premises environment, Office365 is able to meet individual specific needs and requirements to the business.

This exclusive, cost effective solution will work to address the difficult challenges faced within the legal sector. It all contributes to free up valuable time of workforce, resulting in more time to spend with clients and customers.

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