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Welcome to my Introducing Exchange 2016 Blog Series!

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Hello All,

Co-existence between Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2016 is simple! In my lab I have created a new mailbox database hosted on the Exchange 2016 server and created a new mailbox that resides in the new database.


My DNS records for autodiscover and mail point to the Exchange 2013 server and the servers are not members of a DAG.

010716_1508_Introducing2.png 010716_1508_Introducing3.png

I haven’t configured any of the virtual directories on the Exchange 2016 server, in fact I’ve made no configuration changes. It is simply out of the box.

But I can still log in as the new user and access my mailbox through OWA and Outlook.





Now of course, this being a very simple environment, this has worked OK. However, I would obviously recommend that the server has the virtual directories, certificates, receive connectors etc configured in line with your existing servers.

I have only looked at the client access co-existence between Exchange versions, I have not looked at having a DAG with different versions as I believe this would go against best practise, however I hope to find the time to look at this in the near future.

In my next post in this series, I will start to take a look at the new features in Exchange 2016.

Thanks for reading, hope you come back soon.


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