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When an Office 365 tenant is created with SharePoint Online, several site collections are created.  It can be confusing to work out what each is for, so here’s a quick reference, based on the SharePoint 2013 sites – I guess this may change as SharePoint 2016 is rolled out.

  • – team site for the company – you can always create more, but this is the “top of the tree”.
  • – not sure about the purpose of this one, although I suspect it’s a SharePoint 2013 community forum.
  • – Office 365 Video.
  • – the search site for the tenant
  • – the site collection for all of the users’ OneDrive for Business sites, each one named (with the .s replaced by _s).

Note that the SharePoint URL is one of the few places where the Office 365 tenant name is exposed to users.

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