Getting the most from Systems Center Stack

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Getting the most from the System Center Stack2

Over the last decade major service providers have been building large data centres, available on the internet, to providing organisations with new opportunities to consume purchase compute power or platforms like SQL or ISS from services like Azure or fully managed services like Office365. To make these services attractive to their customers, large service providers have had to develop solutions that are quick and easy for the end user to operate, delivering resilient, maintained, secure and standardise service at the click of a button.

This customer focused and service orientated approach has created a further problem for internal IT teams with Cloud providers competing directly for the work that used to be solely manageable by the internal team. With cloud providers targeting business managers, selling them the utopian dream of cloud based services without the need to integrate with their internal IT team, the need to be able to provide a service to the business that has all the same appeal as the cloud service providers promise, has never been higher.

The Microsoft System Center suite of products is a solution to all these issues, working alongside Hyper-V, the possibilities to support the business with automated, fast and effective IT is within your grasp. risual’s Optimised Service Vision will show you how the use of the System Center suite of products can help you harness the power of Public, Private and Hybrid cloud, transforming the way you offer IT to your organisation and refocusing resource from a support function to a service provider, able to efficiently support the business’s ever changing demands.

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