Lync 2010 CMS replication error–access denied

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I was having problems with CMS Replication failure which kept failing to my Archiving and Monitoring server. I tried several times to force replication using PowerShell with Invoke-csManagementStoreReplication and still replication was failing!

From the event log on the master cms replicator it was displaying access denied in the lync even log to the server so I thought the permission must be broken on the xds-replica share so I would recreate the folder / share and permissons.

On the Archiving and monitoring server which replication was failing I stopped the “Lync Server Replica Replicator Agent” the went to c:rtcReplicaRoot took ownership of the folder and deleted it.

Next I opened programs and features on the server and went to to the Lync 2010 core components and selected repair. This then recreated the RtcReplicaRoot folder, share and permissons. nice!

From Powershell I tried again to force replication using invoke-csManagementStoreReplication and it was still failing !!!

I then took to using the Lync logging tool on the cms master replicator and the arch mon server and ran logging with all XDS components logging. From the logs on the master I could see still access denied!

I looked at the ACL on the RtcReplicaRoot and noticed a local security group “RTC Local Config Replicator” I compared this to a working replicating server and noticed the RTCUniversalConfigReplicator group was missing on the server where replication was failing. So in fact access denied was correct because the cms master computer account didn’t have permissions. Light bulb moment !


I added the RTCUniversalConfigReplicator to the local servers RTC Local Config Replicator group on the failing server.

I took ownership of the rtcreplicaroot folder again,stopped the replica service and run repair on lync 2010 components again so the folder, share and permissons were recreated.

Then ran Invoke-csManagementStoreReplication powershell checked the event logs on both servers and ran get-csmanagementstorereplicationstatus and it was working.




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