set-hybridconfiguration autod on Exchange 2010

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Seen a lot of info online about the ability to set the autodiscover domain for the hybrid wizard when you have multiple domains. This can greatly reduce the amount of names that need to be on the Exchange SAN certificate. More information about this new feature can be found here:

I have used this on an Exchange 2003 to Office 365 migration with Exchange 2010 hybrid servers but I found that documentation around the procedure for running this was a bit thin so thought I would share my experience:

1. Run the hybrid wizard with just your primary SMTP domain first and ensure it completes without error
2. Open EMS (Exchange Management Shell) and input the command with the autod domain set, example below (note that there are no quotes around the command as this caused it to error in my case):

Set-HybridConfiguration –Domains,,

3. Run the hybrid wizard again and you will see the other domains populated in there and should complete without error

Hope this helps


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