Changing Shortcut name of App-V Application

2017-12-01T15:30:31+00:00 May 16th, 2012|Azure|

Hi There,

If you have an App-V application published via an App-V Management Server and subsequently want to change the name of the shortcut (be it published to desktop, start menu or elsewhere)… you’ll notice that making a change in either the App-V Management Console, or directly in the OSD file has no effect. You find yourself having to re-import the application which is poor if it’s in production!

The way to do this is hidden away in the application properties. Simply navigate to the properties of the application, hit the shortcut tab and select ‘Advanced’. From here select your shortcut and choose Edit, then you will be able to change the name. Refresh the App-V client and it should be updated.

This is fairly simple but has eluded me for a while and meant i’ve been re-importing applications when i’ve wanted to change the name. This way is much faster.