DPM 2010 EUR Issue Previous Versions not appearing on Certain Folders/Shares

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We had an issue recently with End User Recovery for DPM 2010  recently , where on certain shares on a file server we were backing up didn’t show previous versions, with the following error “There are no previous versions available”.

Working Previous version on file share


Failing Previous versions on the same file share


To resolve this issue we had to do the following

  • First log on your DPM 2010 server
  • Open Server Manger
    • Expand Roles > File Services
    • Choose Share and Storage management
    • Navigate to the Shares tab
    • Now right click the share thats shows no recovery points and choose Stop Sharing


Now we’ve removed the share from DPM we will need to do some changes in AD via ADSI Edit.

The first thing we need to do is find the canonical name of the share, so if you open command prompt on a server with AD tools and Asdiedit installed such as a DC and run the following command.

Change the below in Bold to match your domain

dsquery * cn=ms-sharemapconfiguration,cn=system,dc=Domain, dc=com –attr ms-productionSrvShare cn -limit 1000 > C:shares.txt


Once you have run the above command open the shares.txt file on the C drive that would of been outputted

Example of outputted file

ms-productionSrvShare                                                            cn                                   
ServerShare                                                                            def225c9-0816-4192-bcea-46f1fb71f5b6

Now open ADSIEDIT but keep the shares.txt file open so we can refer to it

  • Expand Domain
  • Expand DC=Domain, DC=com
  • Expand CN=System
    • Now select CN=MS-ShareMapConfiguration
    • Now we need to refer back to our shares.txt file to find the CN name of the share we need to fix the previous versions for
    • now delete the object that matches the CN file from the shares.txt file


Once that has been done wait for your AD to replicate or force replication.

Now you need to modify the protection group that is backing up the file share in question.

  • Exclude the folder with the issue with previous versions from the backup and update the protection group and wait for consistency check to complete
  • Re-add the folder we just excluded and update the protection group again

Wait for the consistency check to complete and then previous versions should be working again Smile

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