Windows 8 Server – Resilient File System (ReFS) Details Released

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Microsoft has recently revealed the new file system RsFS. Much more detail can be found at the following blog:

In this blog, I am just highlighting some of the key things to take away about ReFS:

  • Only Windows Server 8 will include the ReFS
  • Windows 8 desktop will continue with NTFS
  • ReFS will not be usable as a boot drive, this will come in future versions of Windows
  • ReFS cannot be used on removable media devices (USB Disks)
  • Failover clustering is supported
  • There will be no way to convert an existing NTFS drive to a ReFS. Creating a new ReFS drive and copying data will be the only migration path for moving files onto a ReFS drive.
  • Bit locker encryption is supported on ReFS
  • Corruptions automatically detected and fixed
    Capacity limits of ReFS:





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