Exchange 2007 Move System Attendant Mailbox

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Recently we had an issue on Exchange 2007 that required us to change the mailbox database that the System Attendant Mailbox was located in.

We did this by doing the following

  1. Open Adsiedit.msc
  2. Connect to the CN=configuration
  3. Navigate to CN=Services , CN=Microsoft Exchange, CN=Organisation Name, CN=Administrative Groups ,CN=Administrative Group, CN=Servers, CN=Server Name,  CN=Microsoft System Attendant
  4. Right click Microsoft System Attendant and choose properties
  5. Select “HomeMDB” in the list and click edit
  6. Change the value to the Distinguished Name of the mailbox you would like to move the System Attendant to
  7. Click ok and exit
  8. Restart the System Attendant service on the mailbox server
    Now your System Attendant Mailbox should be moved Smile

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