Installing KB977384 in an SCCM Task Sequence

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With R3 being the latest feature pack to be released and the first to be labelled R3 in Microsoft’s history, along with functional improvements it brings its own challenges. You can roll out the hotfix to existing agents via the standard software distribution method, however I like to deploy my SCCM Clients in my task sequences fully patched. Also if you want to distribute the SCCM console into your build it become a bit of an issue as the R3 components require the hotfix to complete the installer.

If you add the hotfix to the SCCM task sequence as a software install or install it via a script it will break the Task Sequence as it stops the Winmgmt service which has to be running.


To add the patch we need to edit the “Setup Windows and ConfigMgr”  step in the task sequence and add the following line to the Installation properties field.




The package ID must be the ID of the Config Manager Client that is been used in the deployment and not the hotfix package ID, also make sure that the package has been updated to reflect the hotfix folder in <SCCMInstallDir>Clienti386hotfix. This is created during the initial R3 update when run on the site server if the option was selected to create the KB977384 – Advanced Client Patch Install.

You can confirm this during a test installation once the SCCM client is installed hit F8 if enabled in WinPE and run C:WindowsSystem32CCMSMSCFGRC.CPL and check the ConfigMgr Client Version it should be 4.00.6487.2157

John Riseam

System Center Consultant

Risual Ltd

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