Updating installed management packs in Operations Manager R2

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Previously this was a bit of an effort in Operations Manager pre R2, but the feature is now much improved with the ability to scan the update catalog directly.

Most customers adopt a weekly check that involves monitoring blogs for latest updates to the Microsoft management packs. R2 now lets you scan your installed management packs for any updates required.

In the administration console select Import management packs, click add and select add from catalog. This queries Microsoft’s catalog directly, we can now change the view to ‘Updates available for installed management packs’ click search and any management packs in need of updating will appear (A bit like the shop keeper in Mr Ben) These can then be added, the process will download then import them.


In my next post I will  share with you how we can use another less well known method for those still using Operation Manager Pre R2.

Laters 🙂

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