Windows 7 XP mode and Windows Virtual PC now available to download on MSDN

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Windows 7’s XP mode feature and its counterpart Windows Virtual PC are now available in x86 and x64 editions to download from MSDN and TechNet having been signed off on the 1st October.

XP mode is licensed for Windows 7 Enterprise customers allowing you to deploy 7 today and run your XP applications via a Windows XP virtual machine. The experience is pretty good, and offers shortcuts integrated into the Windows 7 desktop and Start menu making this  a simple way for users to run XP apps without necessarily having to understand the concepts of virtual machines, etc. Only caveat is your client PC’s or laptops will need to have virtualization support e.g. Intel VT or AMD-V extensions and enabled in the BIOS.


Get more info on Windows Virtual PC here:

Headlines are:

  • Integration with Windows XP Mode
  • USB support for devices such as storage and cameras, etc
  • Seamless application publishing and launching
  • Support for multi threads
  • Clipboard sharing between Windows 7 and virtual machines
  • Printer redirection allowing virtual machines to print to the host’s printers
  • Smart card redirection
  • Support for higher resolutions  up to 2048×1920 from 1600×1200.

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